Sunday, February 19, 2017

tlevspress moves to Cloudcroft

People who know me have known this for a while: We live in New Mexico now. Cloudcroft is a town of about a thousand, nine thousand feet up, in the Sacramento mountains of southern New Mexico. Our cabin overlooks the White Sands, and is in general a good place to write. I had to give up ESL to move here, although I haven't given it up entirely; I am now a substitute teacher at local public schools. I don't get subbing work every day, so I use my free time to write. My current writing projects are:

Another book of short stories; this one is tentatively called Filibuster, and should be out in a few weeks;

Just Passing Through: True stories from out there, an autobiography/nonfiction thriller, that should set the record straight about where all these ten kids came from, but hopefully won't grievously offend brothers/sisters/exes etc. Only the truth.

Vowels in the Elevator - recently I've gotten this out again, why? because subbing offers me the opportunity to think out the hard parts which I have not really been able to plow through. It's a language theory book. Language is a self-organizing system. Someone needs to show how.

e pluribus haiku - my long-running haiku project, in which I've become determined to produce a thousand new haiku every year. Last year I had maybe six hundred new ones; this year it'll be up to a thousand, and it will focus on the trip itself, kind of set in the 1970's and the physical world. I'm about 700 into it. My target date is April (Haiku Day) as I want it out there well before the Fourth.

That's it - stay tuned!

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