Monday, September 4, 2017

OK so I've done more quilting than writing recently, but I did do some fiddling - this picture is me, at the Burro Street Exchange, in Cloudcroft, over the weekend. I'll tell you what took the wind out of my sails, to tell you the truth, and that was the fact that my own son got a YouTube channel with thousands of likes, ten thousands of subscribers, a sponsorship, etc. In other words, he hit it big. And here I am, plodding away, writing poetry and short stories, dropping it in the sea of self-published work, etc. I was a bit jealous though most people have told me, don't compare apples and oranges.

The fact is, sales is recognition, and he has a side job, though he's still in high school, and I'm sitting here, still with my day job (in a middle school in nearby Alamogordo) hoping someday my writing will amount to something. My music is doing well. My quilt (second one, for a second granddaughter) also going well. My writing, floundering. I didn't even finish my two novels this summer.

Ah well, plug on. To hear this (No Expectations) go to the Burro Street Exchange Facebook page. It's a beautiful little boardwalk in downtown here. More about my general PR angst soon.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

e pluribus haiku

e pluribus haiku 2017
a thousand moments, one journey

Available at Amazon $6.29 + shipping
Available at the Createspace Store $6.29 + shipping
Available on Kindle $3.59

This volume has 1000 original haiku, and is probably the best overall picture of the US in ~1974, when I traveled 48 states, and Guatemala to Alaska. The poems try to be true to the trip, and true to the era, though they are not always strictly true to fact.

e pluribus haiku 2016
a thousand moments, one journey

$6.00 + shipping on Amazon
$6.00 + shipping at the Createspace Store
$1.99 on Kindle

This one was my pride & joy in that it came out in time for international haiku day; over 500 of the haiku were original, but there was enough modification so that each state is very different from the previous year. Each state includes a study of a woman, though of the fifty one, only some were real.

e pluribus haiku 2015
a thousand moments, one journey

$6.00 + shipping at Amazon
$6.00 + shipping at the CreateSpace Store
$2.99 on Kindle

This was the first to have a thousand haiku, and it tried to be true to the trip itself; it is generally set in the 1970's.

1000 All haiku written in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern; many were originally inspired by a hitchhiking/boxcar trip across North America in the mid-1970's. These haiku show the incredible diversity of the USA, its people and its terrain, using the haiku tendency to highlight nature and the season of the experience.

The following were published on Amazon, but many of their poems are included in the above editions, so there are fewer original ones as time goes on.

e pluribus haiku 2014
$6.00 on Amazon
$2.50 on Kindle
Cover is the Haiku Steps, Hawaii

e pluribus haiku 2013
$3.69 + shipping on Amazon
$3.69 + shipping at the CreateSpace Store
$1.99 on Kindle

Cover of this one is actually the corner of Flint and 19th St., Lubbock

e pluribus haiku 2012
$3.59 + shipping on Amazon
$3.59 + shipping at the CreateSpace Store
$0.99 on Kindle

e pluribus haiku
$2.99 on Kindle only;
paper version of this one is rare.

This was the original one, inspired by a reading which was a benefit for the homeless.