Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

tlevspress moves to Cloudcroft

People who know me have known this for a while: We live in New Mexico now. Cloudcroft is a town of about a thousand, nine thousand feet up, in the Sacramento mountains of southern New Mexico. Our cabin overlooks the White Sands, and is in general a good place to write. I had to give up ESL to move here, although I haven't given it up entirely; I am now a substitute teacher at local public schools. I don't get subbing work every day, so I use my free time to write. My current writing projects are:

Another book of short stories; this one is tentatively called Filibuster, and should be out in a few weeks;

Just Passing Through: True stories from out there, an autobiography/nonfiction thriller, that should set the record straight about where all these ten kids came from, but hopefully won't grievously offend brothers/sisters/exes etc. Only the truth.

Vowels in the Elevator - recently I've gotten this out again, why? because subbing offers me the opportunity to think out the hard parts which I have not really been able to plow through. It's a language theory book. Language is a self-organizing system. Someone needs to show how.

e pluribus haiku - my long-running haiku project, in which I've become determined to produce a thousand new haiku every year. Last year I had maybe six hundred new ones; this year it'll be up to a thousand, and it will focus on the trip itself, kind of set in the 1970's and the physical world. I'm about 700 into it. My target date is April (Haiku Day) as I want it out there well before the Fourth.

That's it - stay tuned!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Boxcars on Walnut

Now available on Amazon $5.38 + shipping
Coming on Kindle $.99 (soon) as well

I should say a few words about this one. The first Boxcars on Walnut came out on paper, in 2012, when I moved to Texas. I simply took every haiku I'd written about southern Illinois and put it in a single paper volume, 73 haiku in all. My distribution system was: if someone wanted one, I gave it to them. Any kind of "you write me I send one" is a kind of illusion. I've been trying to get things on Amazon so that people can see everything I've done that's worthwhile. So it occurred to me, this should be online too, and in fact there is a little more about southern Illinois I still had yet to say, so I just wrote about forty more, put them together, and put them on Amazon.

There are other reasons to print it. In fact there is a possibility of making small books about places I've lived (Tex-ku, for example, or New-Mexi-ku) and have each one develop a kind of character, and possibly tell a specific story. The story of my eighteen years in southern Illinois is not that special; my marriage split up almost as soon as I got there, and I would have remained, stranded and suspended, and working interminably hard, had I not met a sociology professor who whisked me off to warmer climes. But I could easily use this book to tell a few other stories. You set it in southern Illinois, you have Cedar Lake, the strip, all the places that are so familiar, and yet you lead the reader through a set of relationships that may or may not be connected. The idea holds fascination to me.

I did not, however, pull that off in this one. This is the second edition: it has many images from southern Illinois (117, to be exact), is a very thorough and colorful view of a beautiful place, and tells no particular united story, from start to finish. It is what it is - a collection of southern Illinois haiku. Some of the original 73 have been altered. It has its own website. It is my tribute to southern Illinois.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Short Stories

for the ages!

A Dozen Crime Stories
from a well-known, big-box, discount, retail chain
(guess which one)
this one is kind of a cult classic - when I put it on store shelves, it walks away....
but here's the big's coming out in audiobook....stay posted!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quaker Plays for First Days

Introducing a new book of plays:

$7.28 + shipping at Amazon
All profits go to Quaker organizations.

Includes the following plays:
Down in Our Hearts (2016)
Silly Poor Gospel (2016)
Mor I Xon (2013)
Bartram's Flower (2009)
Second First Day at the Interfaith (2008)
The Monster of Kanifloria (2007)
Good Tidings of Yule (2006)
Thou Heardest My Voice (2005)
The Turning Point (2004)
Quakers Rock the 17th Century (2004)
The Life and Times of Lucretia Mott (2001)
The Life and Times of John Woolman (1999)
The Story of Benjamin West, Quaker Artist(1998)
The White Feather (1997)

I can't say I'm a master at this; I am at least prolific, though. These plays have been out there for almost twenty years, published in various paper forms, not easily accessible. When I compiled them I was faced with the choice of using the skills I'd gathered over twenty years to redo each of the older ones, or just publish them as they were written and performed, back in the day, in the Interfaith Center (for the most part), Carbondale Illinois USA. I chose the latter, and, as a tribute, put the meetinghouse itself on the cover (it is, in fact, endangered, as one of the plays will attest). For the children (now adults, or at least young adults) of Southern Illinois Quaker Meeting, this book will be a walk through the past, and I can't say that all of them will be overwhelmed with joy and sweet memories. But all of them learned a lot about Quakerism (my intent), and I promise each of them one of these books, if I should ever find them.

I could tell you more about each one: each has a history, is different from the rest, works on different themes. Instead I think I'll refer you to my quaker website where I'll try to be very complete about this.